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Angus Cattle

Angus cattle

Booroomba was one of the first Hereford studs in Australia and is now a commercial Angus cross operation.

The cattle are descendant from Wirruna and Rennylea blood.

We are breeding across to a pure Angus herd with the help from Brian Corrigan, Rennylea Angus stud using Rennylea Bulls.

We are focused on early maturing, highly fertile, low cost, easy care cattle, with the highest emphasis on beef per hectare and hence profit.

We class the cows annually paying particular attention to confirmation, ease of calving, temperament and fertility.

The cattle are good performers and handle the harsh winter.

The calves are yard weaned for 1 week on Lucerne hay. We aim to run our cattle in a stress free environment.

We join 90% of our heifers for 6 weeks and our cows for 8 weeks. For the last 30 years our cattle have been pregnancy tested.

The cows are assessed by Dr Stuart Williams, Yass Veterinary Hospital and prior to him Dr Scott Tucker, Queanbeyan Vet, all dry animals are sold and our calving has a 98% survival rate.

All heifers calve without assistance or observation.

Our aim is to produce highly productive easy care cattle retuning as many kilos of beef per hectare hence the highest profit per hectare in a commercial environment.

All cattle get a numbered Booroomba year colour coded ear tagged and are vaccinated, given Selenium and are drenched for worms and fluke annually.