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Convenience, Competence & Competitive

Increasing property prices are encouraging Australians to stay put and renovate their homes and gardens, says Ken Mack of Entire Garden Landscaping.

A client of Tharwa Sands for 12 years, Ken says his ACT based business, which provides landscaping, excavating, concreting construction and earth moving services, is booming thanks to renewed interest in home improvements and backyard building projects.

My bread-and-butter work is domestic landscape construction, but I am also doing more concrete slabs for backyard studios and granny flats which are in increasing demand,” says Ken, who founded Entire Garden Landscaping in 2005.

I get my customers organised with the earth removal, the groundwork and the concrete slab before their builder comes in. And if you look at the increasing price of houses around the country, there’s no wonder people are renovating at home.

With his time at a premium, when it comes to sourcing materials for his jobs, convenience and competence are key, Ken says.

I’d say Tharwa Sands is my go-to place especially for its road-based materials, and its red granite gravel which is dug right there at its own quarry.”

I use its red granite, which is called the Ginninderra, on nature strips, paths and driveways. But I also get a lot of my sub-base materials for concrete slabs from there. Tharwa Sands are close and convenient, and after 12 years all the staff know me which makes it easy. They are all very friendly and helpful and they always make it happen for me.

Tharwa Sand’s range of landscaping products such as its river pebble range for more decorative landscaping purposes, are also often on Ken’s shopping list. Competitive pricing is always a given. Other drawcards include Tharwa Sand’s ability to deliver, and the fact Ken can offload and recycle landfill at the Parkwood Road site.

I have my own truck so generally I pick up from Tharwa Sands myself for those smaller jobs when I’m after six to seven tonnes.

But for larger jobs up to 32 tonnes, there is a delivery option available which is sometimes handy. What is always handy is having somewhere to offload clean fill. My business involves excavating a lot of soil from people’s gardens and Tharwa Sands is a convenient, competitively priced place to take it. It’s good value.

With jobs scheduled for the rest of 2021 and into 2022, Ken says having a trusted supplier makes life easier.

My clients rely on me to get the materials I need for their jobs to get their jobs completed,” he says.

I originally heard about Tharwa Sands through word of mouth when I started Entire Garden Landscaping, and today it’s a business I recommend to other contractor mates because I feel its service and prices are better than the other mobs in town.

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