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Ginninderra -15mm Red Granite

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This is our main product of decomposed (‘deco’) red granite. It has an earthy red colour and its grading has been consistent for over 50 years.  It has formed the basis of the Canberra landscape and appears at all the major institutions and features.

When it is first quarried or viewed as a sample it does not appear red but after it has been wet, it oxidizes and a lovely red colour appears. The granite structure insures excellent compaction with an average CBR Value of 60, the plasticity index is 6% and it has a swell rate of 0.0%. (See the latest grading on this site.)  The Ginninderra Red porphyry decomposed rock composition makes it unique enabling it to have excellent compaction forming a permanent surface that resists erosion.  It meets the ACT and NSW wearing course specifications as specified in the ARRB group pavement and materials design manual.

The iconic Ginninderra Red Granite is used throughout the region and can be seen in nearly every street in Canberra.  It is used daily for driveways, car parks, nature strips, medium strips, road verges, pathways, bicycle tracks, gardens and around trees and is free of African love grass and serrated tussock.

It is also a permanent fire retardant compost and can reduce the amount of water needed to keep your garden looking good.  It can form a weed free surface when laid correctly.  A fine grade of the product can also be used to form a clay tennis court surface.

Ginninderra Red Granite has been a main feature at Floriade for many years and it features regularly in the winning environmental garden awards. As the quarry is located on the edge of Belconnen its proximity to Canberra makes it a very economical product.

It is the preferred gravel of the ACT Government for its public buildings and can be seen in the surroundings of New Parliament House, the War Memorial, the National Gallery of Australia, the National Museum of Australia, and Government House.  It is used by landscape suppliers such as Canberra Sand and Gravel, Corkhill Brothers, Wholesale Sleeper Co.

We can supply to the Southern Highlands, the South Coast as well as Sydney & Districts where it is available from Australian Native Landscapes (ANL) outlets at North Ryde and Terrey Hills.