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Ginninderra Tennis Court Gravel

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The Tennis Court Gravel is a finer grade of the main Ginninderra Red Granite product.  It is specially screened to order, so that all larger stones are removed so that it forms an excellent surface for gravel tennis courts, in the old clay court fashion (it’s also free of African love grass and serrated tussock).

The Ginninderra Red Granite has an earthy red colour, when it is first quarried or viewed as a sample it does not appear red but after it has been wet, it oxides and a lovely red colour appears. The granite structure insures excellent compaction with an average CBR Value of 60, the plasticity index is 10% and it has a swell rate of 0.0%. (See the latest grading on this site.)

The Ginninderra Red porphyry decomposed rock composition makes it unique enabling it to have excellent compaction forming a permanent surface that resists erosion.  It meets the ACT and NSW wearing course specifications as specified in the ARRB group pavement and materials design manual.