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Rammed Earth Walls and Construction

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Mulligan’s Flat Woodland Sanctuary¬†

The natural appearance of rammed earth walls built with our red gravel is unmatched by conventional building products and it produces a finish that is extremely attractive.  Plus it is an environmentally responsible building medium.

A distinctive feature of rammed earth is that it is a finished product. Trades can be kept to a minimum with no need for further rendering, cladding, plastering, painting or insulation. Constructions are made by using a mixture of granite, silt, clay and cement which is compacted in layers between a robust formwork. Stabilized rammed earth is highly durable with little or no maintenance

The high thermal mass of rammed earth evens out temperature fluctuations on a building, coupled with good passive solar design, this will result in significant savings in heating and cooling energy consumptions.

A further list of the many benefits of rammed earth constructions can be viewed at and

Rammed Earth House built by Owen Cowell of StabilEarth Constructions, using a blend of Tharwa Sands products.