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Washed River Pebble 40mm - 60mm

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This River Stone has a more chunkier look and is excellent for pathways, median strips, riverbeds and driveways.

It is probably the most popular pebble for all landscaping purposes, the natural colours and round smooth appearance is a must in any garden.   It is also an excellent product to use for absorption trenches for sewerage systems.

Our River Stone adds the natural look of a riverbed to your garden and is free of contaminants like African love grass and serrated tussock.

It is used for ornamental gardens, pathways around your home and driveways, Japanese gardens, fish ponds, median strips, drainage and sewerage trenches, it comes from a natural riverbed and its natural colours and smooth appearance makes it a very popular landscaping product though out the Canberra and Southern Highland regions.

The 20mm and 40mm stone have been specifically graded so they don’t lodge in your shoe tread. These path pebbles make a lovely crunching sound when walked on.