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Horse Arena Sand

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Tharwa Sands Horse Arena Sand is cleaned through our specialized washing process to remove all the silt and clay. This avoids a dust problem and eliminates compaction. It is a common finishing material in the Canberra, Goulburn and Southern Highlands regions.

It is then screened to remove undesirable large particles, leaving a material of uniform size with round and angular particles, leaving a blend of sand that does not blow away in the wind (it’s also free of African love grass and serrated tussock). Our sand is blended so the sand moves easily under the horses hooves and the sharper particles give traction. The sand blend of round and sharp particle is not too abrasive on the horses’ hooves and eliminates jarring, reducing undue stress on the horses’ tendons and leg muscles.

Our sand has been used in over 90% of horse arenas in the region and is used as the sand for race tracks including Canberra training track at Thoroughbred Park.

When you’re thinking about horse arena construction you need a hard, well drained sub surface eliminating pooling of water and mixing with the sand layer.

Ginninderra Red Granite is an excellent product to use as a sub layer under the sand layer. All the larger particles above 15mm have been removed through our screening process. It compacts to MPA 50 if used 100mm thick and compacted properly with a vibrating roller. This avoids the sub layer mixing with the surface layer. If you can dig up the sub layer with the heel of your shoe it is too soft and will mix with the top sand layer.

We recommend a well compacted and drained sub layer of Ginninderra Red Granite and a top layer of Tharwa Sands Horse Arena Sand to give you many years of satisfaction and enjoyment.

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