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Bulk Topsoil

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For commercial applications, this topsoil is supplied and blended to order, direct from the river flat. It is free of African love grass and serrated tussock.

We can adjust the ratio of sand to topsoil depending on the use to improved drainage and stop compaction.

This topsoil has been used in Canberra for the last 40 years, its dark colour, consistent grading and neutral PH of 7 has made it a popular product for ovals, gardens, under turf, median strips and road verges.    It was used for the gardens around Parliament House and the War Memorial.  This topsoil has also been used to build ovals, including Canberra Stadium, the AIS playing fields and the Duntroon Ovals to name a few.

Due to the proximity of the topsoil pit it has become a very cost effective topsoil for the Canberra region. In its natural state our Westdale topsoil meets VENM specifications (See the latest grading on this site.)